New @ Silk & Satyr + Black Friday Sale Friday, Nov 27 2009 

This week at Silk & Satyr, we have a new silk, a rerelease of an old favorite, and a big sale – until midnight SLT, everything black is only $L200 – items that normally range from $L300-1000!  Here’s what we’ve got…

Continental is a sleek, geometric, two-toned silk accentuated with ornate metal disks.  It comes in seven color choices…

Continental by Silk & Satyr

Continental Cobalt by Silk & Satyr Continental Garnet by Silk & Satyr

Continental Ruby by Silk & Satyr Continental Verdite by Silk & Satyr

Esperanza is one of our most popular silks.  We’ve had it in three pastel colors; new, for winter, we’ve added five bold tones.  Here are some of our favorites…

Esperanza Garnet by Silk & Satyr Esperanza Peach by Silk & Satyr

Esperanza Forest by Silk & Satyr Esperanza Jade by Silk & Satyr

And for today – Black Friday – only, all black items (including new ones) in the store are only $L200!  Here are some of the sale items, very small to avoid picspamming…if you want to see them larger, click the image to get to the Flickr site, then click the “all sizes” button.

Silks on sale at Silk & Satyr…

Esperanza Black by Silk & Satyr Continental Graphite by Silk & Satyr Opulence Black by Silk & Satyr Lakshmi Onyx by Silk & Satyr

Europa Midnight Moon by Silk & Satyr Licorice Saucy by Silk & Satyr

Zreyasa OnyxEpanouir Fleur de Noir by Silk & Satyr

Fancy stuff at the gown shoppe, Flounce & Faun…

Regal Night Venice Anise by Silk & Satyr

Jewelry at Silq’waggi…

Sakura Dark by Silq'waggi Phoenix Onyx by Silq'waggi

Here’s your chairot to the Silk & Satyr Courtyard…


Silk & Satyr in Sixty Linden Sundays Sunday, Nov 22 2009 

Silk & Satyr is participating in Sixty Linden Sundays…today we’ve set out Cleo by Silq’waggi, our jewelry shop…it’s an art deco Egyptian-styled set which includes two necklaces plus earrings. It’s today only…near the tp point at the Mainstore!

Cleo by Silq'waggi

Silk & Satyr Update 11-21-09 Saturday, Nov 21 2009 

This week Silk & Satyr releases another lovely gown set, plus the kyootest little camisk and kirtle!  Let’s take a peek…

Nostalgie is another set with a vintage feel…oh so feminine flowers decorate a dress with a sexy low back and lace-up gloves.  The long skirt can be worn with or without the ruffle trim, and there’s a shortie skirt too.  And we throw in all the extras you’ve come to expect from Silk & Satyr like the shawl with the elegant brooch and a matching set of vintage earrings! It’s available in seven color choices.

Nostalgie by Silk & Satyr

Nostalgie Crimson by Silk & Satyr

Nostalgie Marigold by Silk & Satyr

Saucy is a set equally at home on a Gorean bondmaid or a Medieval wench.  You get both camisk and kirtle skirts, and it comes with several options for top and bottom on the system layers…the corset is on the jacket layer, and can be worn alone for when you’re feeling really saucy! It’s also in seven colors.

Mint Saucy by Silk & Satyr

Licorice Saucy by Silk & Satyr

Blueberry Saucy by Silk & Satyr

One last reminder…our Anniversary Celebration ends tomorrow.  So stop by soon to grab the gift and take advantage of 50% off on everything that’s not in the new release section!  Also, I’ll be taking the anniversary gown gift out of the subbo, so if you haven’t joined our group yet, now is the time!

Here we are at the new Silk & Satyr Mainstore!

New Gowns from Silk & Satyr 11-16 Monday, Nov 16 2009 

We released two new gowns this week, both a little unusual.  First is Renaissance…a gown we feel is a real renaissance in design.  The combination of sculpt and flexi on the skirt allow for movement with a sleek-fitting upper – and no need for a system skirt!  Available in six colors, Renaissance comes with two styles of ruffles which match the flexi-skirt and sleeves.

Renaissance Finished by Silk & Satyr

Renaissance Gold by Silk & Satyr

Renaissance Red by Silk & Satyr

Reminiscence is like the lovely find you score in a vintage clothing shop…the fine brocade, the tassels on the trim, the scarf with big, elegant brooch, the earrings that remind you of your grandmother’s old clip-ons that you used to try on when you were a little girl…it comes in six colors; each has a straight gown and a big poofy ballgown included.

Reminiscence by Silk & Satyr

Reminiscence Silver by Silk & Satyr

Reminiscence Gold by Silk & Satyr

And don’t miss out on our anniversary celebration at our new mainstore.  50% off all old items – and be sure to pick up the present!

New Silks from Silk & Satyr 11-14 Sunday, Nov 15 2009 

We released a whole bunch of shiny new goodness this weekend…so to keep the posts size down, I’ll break them up into silks, gowns and jewelry.  So let’s have a look at the silks.  I’ll start with what I believe is our most beautiful silk to date…Opulence.  It’s remarkably detailed from the gorgeous gold embroidery on the silks, to the gold fringe, to the intricate filigree of the metalwork.  The set includes system pantie and top, skirt, bodice silks, armbands, belly gem and earrings.  Available in six colors…here’s a few.  Click for a bigger image…you’ll want to look closely at this one!

Opulence by Silk & Satyr

Opulence Aubergine by Silk & Satyr

Opulence Blue by Silk & Satyr

Opulence Claret by Silk & Satyr

Autumn echoes the rich colors of the season with luxurious gold and silken drapes.  System layers and earrings are included. In four color choices.

Autumn is Memory by Silk & Satyr

Autumn is Harvest by Silk & Satyr

Don’t forget, these are at our new mainstore.  Turn left from the tp point to get to the silk store.  And don’t forget that there’s a 50% off sale on all older merchandise for this week only!

Anniversary Celebration @ Silk & Satyr Sunday, Nov 15 2009 

As I post, the parteh is still going on…I’ll post more later about our five new releases.  For now, here’s the important stuff…

Anniversary Sale Pic

Here’s the present:

Zreyasa Jade Sunlight

And check out our new gacha machine, in front of Silq’waggi…

Gacha Prizes from Silk & Satyr

And we’re doing 60 Linden Sundays. Here’s the item…

Naughty Nice Cherry/Pink by Silk & Satyr

One last, very important thing…we have a new mainstore. It’s broken up into Silk & Satyr (silks); Silq’waggi (jewlery); and Flounce & Faun (gowns). You can ignore the Milk & Satyr booth – a cheese stand was an idea that just didn’t pan out.

New Venture

Silk & Satyr Fashion Show Tuesday, Nov 10 2009 

Guess what?  It’s almost Silk & Satyr’s first anniversary!  And you don’t want to miss the big parteh, big releases, new store designs, humongous sale, gacha machine…all happening next weekend!  But on our actual anniversary, Wednesday, we’ll be sending out a great gift to our group, a special group-only color of Venice!  Wanna see?  Better make sure you join before midnight 11/11…just join any of our terminals, like this one at the mainstore…

Venice Cappuccino by Silk & Satyr

We haven’t released anything this week…holding back for the parteh…but we did participate in a wonderful fashion show at Divine Dina’s! Here are some highlights…

DD Show 2 - Ela - Vasilia

Elatine wears the Vasilia camisk in Midnight

DD Show 3 - Jeab

Jeab in Europa

DD Show - After Show - Scarlett

Scarlett in Nocturne

DD Show 1 - Kandi - Medici

Kandi in Medici

DD Show 11 - Ela - Lakshmi

Elatine in Lakshmi

DD Show - After Show - Bronwyn - Drenched

Bronwen in Drenched

DD Show - ThomasD

Thomas with friend Xtabi (who just coincidentally happens to be wearing Epanouir)

DD Show - After Show - Ela - Opulence

Ela in Opulence. Ooops, that’s next week’s release. You didn’t see that!