$L60 Sunday @ Silk & Satyr Sunday, Dec 27 2009 

This week, we’re offering a really great deal for the holiday…the Reminiscence gown in gold!  It’s a classy dress perfect for a New Year’s parteh…

Reminiscence Gold by Silk & Satyr

Reminiscence by Silk & Satyr

A steal at $L60 – today only!  And while you’re there, why not check out our Bargain Dungeon…we’re still having our Boxing Daze sale, with no item above $L50!

Your chariot awaits…


Boxing Daze at Silk & Satyr Saturday, Dec 26 2009 

If you haven’t been to our Bargain Dungeon, now is the time!  Everything is $50 or less…with many items marked to $L10, and even a few hidden dollarbies (that’s in addition to the Wall O’Dollarbies).  Some oldies but goodies like…

Luna copy

Delicious Cherry

Peach Leaf by Silk & Satyr

And many others!  To find the dungeon, take this chariot to Silk & Satyr Square, look for the dungeon sign and click on the teleport ball.  Prices are not as marked – check the vendor for the sale price!

Silk & Satyr Has Presents for You! Sunday, Dec 20 2009 

Not one gift from Silk & Satyr, but two!  But first, a word from our sponsor….


Yes, Christmas isn’t even over, but in the craaaaazy world of retail, we’re planning for New Year’s.  And everyone needs the perfect New Year’s dress, right?  One that says SEXEH PARTEH, right?  Well, look no further!  Swirls of brilliant color trimmed in gold, with a naughteh sheer cutout in just the right place!  And it comes with the extras you’ve come to expect from Silk & Satyr – the shoulder foof is pinned in place with a jeweled brooch, and we throw in a pair of matching earrings.  Comes in five festive colors…you’ll find it in Flounce & Faun, our gown shop.  Just take a right from the tp point.

Festiva Salsa by Flounce & Faun

(That’s me in the picture, dancing with Katryn!)

Festiva Mambo by Flounce & Faun

Festiva Rhumba by Flounce & Faun


And now back to our previously scheduled programming…presents!  Yes, we have two for you, one at the Urban Shopper OMG Holy Xmas! event.  It’s a Christmas-themed version of our very popular Beginnings gown decorated with poinsettias.  It’s got the fur collar and the bow earrings, too!  This tp will plop you in front of our store…walk down the street to the big Christmas tree and look for the gold box.  While you’re there, pick up the presents from other fine Urban Shopper merchants!

Holiday Beginnings by Silk & Satyr

Next is a group only special.  You’ll have to wait a few days for it…when Thomas was a kid (*wags tail*) he got his pressies on Christmas Eve.  But that gives you time to hit the old subscribo because you won’t want to miss…oh, I don’t want to spoil the surprise…ow!  Ever, stop kicking me!  All right, we’re giving away a limited edition version of our Opulence silks!

Opulence Olivine by Silk & Satyr

And one last thing..we’re doing $L60 Sunday.  Here’s this week’s special…a necklace from Silq’waggi.  It’s right at the tp point.

Glassworks Verdant by Silq'waggi

Silk & Satyr $L60 Sundays! Sunday, Dec 13 2009 

This week, we’re offering the Devotion’s Ruby set – comes with an elegant ballgown and a sexy mini, and includes the matching choker.  60 Lindens – how can you go wrong?!?

Devotion's Ruby by Silk & Satyr

Here’s your chariot to Silk & Satyr Square – it’s right at the tp point.

Events and Newness @ Silk & Satyr Saturday, Dec 12 2009 

This week Silk & Satyr presents a very special ballgown, the kyootest camisk set, and some great ways to score some primo free stuff!

First up is Beginnings – this gown was designed by our own Ever Courtois for her engagement, and you can see the romance in every detail.  Hand-painted violets cascade down the deep-v back, float and shimmer with the skirt as it moves.  It comes with earrings and a matching fur collar by Silq’waggi.  You can find it at our gown shoppe, Flounce & Faun – just turn right from our tp into Silk & Satyr Square.

Beginnings by Flounce & Faun

Next is our Winter Woolens – a camisk set perfect for any Northern girl!  Comes with mittens, earmuffs, leg warmers and two scarf choices – how cute is that?  Available in eight colors – it’s in the mainstore.

Winter Woolens Amaryllis by Silk & Satyr Winter Woolens Sugar Plum by Silk & Satyr

Winter Woolens Heather by Silk & Satyr Winter Woolens Holly by Silk & Satyr

This weekend, S&S is participating in two big holiday events.  Don’t miss the party in Harlow – 3-5 SLT today, 12/12.  People will be dancing on the roof!  Also, you’ll have the chance to win great prizes, like our Nostalgie set in crimson.  And while you’re there, stop by the Christmas tree near Striking Poses and pick up our little holiday giftie…

Nostalgie Crimson by Silk & Satyr

Maris Peridot by Silq'waggi

There’s also a spectacular hunt going on at the Urban Shopper.  A dozen stores with great gifts..take a look at this – a special limited edition of Epanouir!  You don’t want to miss it!

Epanouir Jonquille by Silk & Satyr

Silk & Satyr in $L60 Sunday Sunday, Dec 6 2009 

Today only, grab this hawt little numbah at Silk & Satyr – only $L60!

Courtesan by Silk & Satyr

Courtesan Purple by Silk & Satyr

Your chariot awaits…

New from Silk & Satyr 12-5 Saturday, Dec 5 2009 

This week, we’re releasing our first gown under our new Flounce & Faun label.  When you arrive at the Silk & Satyr Square, Flounce & Faun is the formalwear shop, to your right.

The gown’s name is Heirloom, and it features rich, gradating colors trimmed with lovely black lace.   It comes with a matching necklace and earring set – and the metal is color change, so it’s like four great sets in one!  This is a perfect ensemble for those holiday formals, and it’s available in eight color combinations.  Here’s a few of them:

Heirloom Jewelry by Silq'waggi

Kat's Heirloom by Flounce & Faun

Shimere's Heirloom by Flounce & Faun

Anna's Heirloom by Flounce & Faun

I just have to get in a plug for the One is Silver, the Other is Gold Hunt.  There are some great prizes that you won’t want to miss!  Silk & Satyr is offering some Silq’waggi jewelry, a necklace for they guys and earrings for the gals.

Silver and Gold Hunt by Silq'waggi