Silk & Satyr Newness 2-27-10 Saturday, Feb 27 2010 

Our new release this week is really Steamy!  Yes, it’s Steamy, our first ever Steampunk silk, complete with animated gear action.

Steamy by Silk & Satyr

We’re coming up on $L60 Weekend, and look at teh sexah numbah we have this week!  No, not me, silly…the dress.

Festiva Salsa by Flounce & Faun

This is the last weekend of the Welcoming the Tiger Hunt.  If you want these prizes, better grab them…here’s the chariot to all of the above.

Visionaries 2 Tiger Cat by Silk & Satyr Welcome Tiger by Silq'waggi

We’ve got a bunch of stuff out at the Car Wash Cart Sale.  Four of the items are exclusive to the sale, and only $L10 – get them while they’re available!

Madagascar by Silq'waggi Visionaries Stormy by Silk & Satyr

Carthage by Silq'waggi Metro by Silq'waggi

And finally, I noticed that my bunneh pedigree pictures get more hits on Flick’r than our ads.  So have a gratuitous picture of a kyoot rabbit.

Spock Stats for Pedigree


This week @ Silk & Satyr Sunday, Feb 14 2010 

This week, our gown shop, Flounce & Faun, is delighted to introduce…Delightful.  It’s a light, rustic gown, a day-dress from an earlier time, perfect for an afternoon tea or a stroll through the gardens…it’s a hand-painted work, and the set comes with matching necklace and earrings, too!  In five springtime colors…it’s in the gown shop – take a right from the tp point.

Delightful by Flounce & Faun

Delightful Rose by Flounce & Faun

Delightful Sky by Flounce & Faun

Our $L60 weekend offering is our Renaissance gown in gold.  Don’t miss this one – it’s designed so that skillful use of sculpts provide the slim line of a system skirt without the unsightly waistline gap (and no need for la jupe derriere, if you know what I mean) – and yet, it’s flexi!

Renaissance Gold by Silk & Satyr

And this weekend only, our Ardor gown set is half-price in celebration of Valentine’s Day.  You might remember that Ever won a best-dressed prize at a charity gala wearing this one…and for good reason…it’s sweet and sexeh all at once!

Ardor by Flounce & Faun

Well, that’s all for this week.  I’m off to the blissful chaos of my bunneh ranch.  You know, I wanted to open up a bunneh outlet and call it Bun’floppi, but Ever won’t let me.

Silk & Satyr Weekend Update Saturday, Feb 6 2010 

We’ve just released the Angel set at Flounce & Faun, our gown shop.  Angel comes with two skirt options, and like most Silk & Satyr productions, comes with jewelry designed especially for the outfit.  Thomas promises you, it’s not the “oh, they threw in a bangle [delete]” kind of jewelry.

Angel by Flounce & Faun

Angel by Flounce & Faun

Heavenly Angel by Flounce & Faun

Blushing Angel by Flounce & Faun

It’s time for $60LSunday Extended.  Here’s what you can pick up for your $L60 this weekend…

Phoenix Turquoise by Silq'waggi

And once again, we’ve got to retire a few things.  For one week only, these babies are having a last hurrah at $L25…then it’s buh-bye forever! You can find them in the Bargain Dungeon.

Incandescent Luxe Romance of the Rose


Here’s your chariot to Silk & Satyr Square!

Silk & Satyr Gifts for You! Thursday, Feb 4 2010 

February is National Cancer Awareness Month…and to promote awareness, a number of SL Designers have made some very special gifts.  Take the taxi to the Cancer Awareness center…you’ll find a shopping bag with “Hope” written on it.  It will give you a folder full of boxes, each a specific color symbolizing a kind of cancer.  Inside the box is a designer gift in that color, and information on cancer awareness.  Silk & Satyr has made a very special item in pearl, the symbolic color of lung cancer, in honor of designer Ever Courtois’ RL father, who succumbed to the disease.  We’re very proud of it…it ranks with our best offerings.  Educate yourself about cancer and get some amazing items…

Angel Pearl by Silk & Satyr

We’re also in a couple of hunts, all at the Mainstore.  Here’s the gifts for Welcoming the Tiger…

Welcome Tiger by Silq'waggi

Visionaries 2 Tiger Cat by Silk & Satyr

And the gift for That’s Amore…

Amore by Silq'waggi

So come and get your pressies!