We’ve just released the Angel set at Flounce & Faun, our gown shop.  Angel comes with two skirt options, and like most Silk & Satyr productions, comes with jewelry designed especially for the outfit.  Thomas promises you, it’s not the “oh, they threw in a bangle [delete]” kind of jewelry.

Angel by Flounce & Faun

Angel by Flounce & Faun

Heavenly Angel by Flounce & Faun

Blushing Angel by Flounce & Faun

It’s time for $60LSunday Extended.  Here’s what you can pick up for your $L60 this weekend…

Phoenix Turquoise by Silq'waggi

And once again, we’ve got to retire a few things.  For one week only, these babies are having a last hurrah at $L25…then it’s buh-bye forever! You can find them in the Bargain Dungeon.

Incandescent Luxe Romance of the Rose


Here’s your chariot to Silk & Satyr Square!