This week, our gown shop, Flounce & Faun, is delighted to introduce…Delightful.  It’s a light, rustic gown, a day-dress from an earlier time, perfect for an afternoon tea or a stroll through the gardens…it’s a hand-painted work, and the set comes with matching necklace and earrings, too!  In five springtime colors…it’s in the gown shop – take a right from the tp point.

Delightful by Flounce & Faun

Delightful Rose by Flounce & Faun

Delightful Sky by Flounce & Faun

Our $L60 weekend offering is our Renaissance gown in gold.  Don’t miss this one – it’s designed so that skillful use of sculpts provide the slim line of a system skirt without the unsightly waistline gap (and no need for la jupe derriere, if you know what I mean) – and yet, it’s flexi!

Renaissance Gold by Silk & Satyr

And this weekend only, our Ardor gown set is half-price in celebration of Valentine’s Day.  You might remember that Ever won a best-dressed prize at a charity gala wearing this one…and for good reason…it’s sweet and sexeh all at once!

Ardor by Flounce & Faun

Well, that’s all for this week.  I’m off to the blissful chaos of my bunneh ranch.  You know, I wanted to open up a bunneh outlet and call it Bun’floppi, but Ever won’t let me.