Our new release this week is really Steamy!  Yes, it’s Steamy, our first ever Steampunk silk, complete with animated gear action.

Steamy by Silk & Satyr

We’re coming up on $L60 Weekend, and look at teh sexah numbah we have this week!  No, not me, silly…the dress.

Festiva Salsa by Flounce & Faun

This is the last weekend of the Welcoming the Tiger Hunt.  If you want these prizes, better grab them…here’s the chariot to all of the above.

Visionaries 2 Tiger Cat by Silk & Satyr Welcome Tiger by Silq'waggi

We’ve got a bunch of stuff out at the Car Wash Cart Sale.  Four of the items are exclusive to the sale, and only $L10 – get them while they’re available!

Madagascar by Silq'waggi Visionaries Stormy by Silk & Satyr

Carthage by Silq'waggi Metro by Silq'waggi

And finally, I noticed that my bunneh pedigree pictures get more hits on Flick’r than our ads.  So have a gratuitous picture of a kyoot rabbit.

Spock Stats for Pedigree