Ooooh, Thomas is late this week 😛  But I think you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait when you see our gorgeous new release and hear about the big sale at the Urban Shopper!

First, we have a new silk!  This is a dancing silk with a full skirt and Middle Eastern Flair with coin and bead detailing.  Includes the earrings, naturally.  Alexandria comes in five color choices…take a look!

Alexandria Sky by Silk & Satyr

Alexandria Blossom by Silk & Satyr

Alexandria by Silk & Satyr

Alexandria is available at the mainstore only

Next, the Urban Shopper has been completely renovated and has a great new look!  As part of the celebration, everything at our shop there is 50% off mainstore prices.  We’ve got a selection of our most popular Visionaries Eyes for only $L25, and (I know a lot of you have been waiting for this to go on sale!) the super-sexah Kayla’s Choice gown (the naughteh version of Delicate Lilac) is half-off!

Kayla's Choice by Flounce & Faun

You did grab the Quest for Excalibur gift, right?  That hunt is ending on the 3rd – so don’t miss your chance to pick up your own Sangraal and also a pair of earrings.  (Yes, I know the earrings are more useful; still, you never know when you’ll need a grail.)  But never fear, there are two more hunts starting tomorrow – check out our gifts for the Beautiful Nightmare and Celebrating Gaia Hunts…

Excalibur Prizes by Silq'waggi

Tuscon by Silq'waggi

Agoniste by Silq'waggi

We’re catching up, so we’ll have another release this weekend…oh, and there’s also going to be a group gift of an exclusive color, but that’s a sekrit…shhh!