We’ve got a few more things to show from our new Silq’waggi collection at Jewelry Fair…some earrings, some brooches, and our one-of-a-kind charity item…

The Magdalene and Mumbai earrings both come in four color choices. Here’s a sample:

Magdalene Ocean

Magdalene Horizon

Mumbai Ornament

Mumbai Night

Azores is a modern brooch adorned with pixelpearls and opals…


The new Stories series features postmodern design with texture change – included are a brooch and matching home decoration, so now you can match your apartment…You really have to click through to the larger image on Flickr to get a good view of the textures.

Babylon Stories

Kyoto Stories by Silq'waggi

Unwritten Histories

Finally, the Queen of Sargasso is a one of a kind Postmodern Sea Deity crown. It’s our auction item for Oxfam.

Queen of Sargasso

Find these at the Silk & Satyr booth at the Jewelry Fair!