New from Silk & Satyr…a silk! Fancy that! It’s a gorgeous multi-layer outfit with brocade and beading that we call Seraglio! Seraglio comes with two skirts that are designed to be worn together, or by themselves…your choice! Take a look…

Seraglio by Silk & Satyr

Midnight Seraglio by Silk & Satyr

Passionate Seraglio by Silk & Satyr

Jade Seraglio by Silk & Satyr

Also, for this week only, it the “Thomas needs an excuse to blog this” sale on Casablanca! Yes, Thomas had way too many rabbits last summer, and so this – one of our most popular evening gowns – never got put on our blog. So it’s half price this week!

Casablanca by Flounce & Faun

Casablanca By the Sea  by Flounce & Faun

It’s all at the mainstore!