New from Silk & Satyr Saturday, Oct 16 2010 

New from Silk & Satyr…a silk! Fancy that! It’s a gorgeous multi-layer outfit with brocade and beading that we call Seraglio! Seraglio comes with two skirts that are designed to be worn together, or by themselves…your choice! Take a look…

Seraglio by Silk & Satyr

Midnight Seraglio by Silk & Satyr

Passionate Seraglio by Silk & Satyr

Jade Seraglio by Silk & Satyr

Also, for this week only, it the “Thomas needs an excuse to blog this” sale on Casablanca! Yes, Thomas had way too many rabbits last summer, and so this – one of our most popular evening gowns – never got put on our blog. So it’s half price this week!

Casablanca by Flounce & Faun

Casablanca By the Sea  by Flounce & Faun

It’s all at the mainstore!


New from Silk & Satyr Thursday, Apr 1 2010 

Ooooh, Thomas is late this week 😛  But I think you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait when you see our gorgeous new release and hear about the big sale at the Urban Shopper!

First, we have a new silk!  This is a dancing silk with a full skirt and Middle Eastern Flair with coin and bead detailing.  Includes the earrings, naturally.  Alexandria comes in five color choices…take a look!

Alexandria Sky by Silk & Satyr

Alexandria Blossom by Silk & Satyr

Alexandria by Silk & Satyr

Alexandria is available at the mainstore only

Next, the Urban Shopper has been completely renovated and has a great new look!  As part of the celebration, everything at our shop there is 50% off mainstore prices.  We’ve got a selection of our most popular Visionaries Eyes for only $L25, and (I know a lot of you have been waiting for this to go on sale!) the super-sexah Kayla’s Choice gown (the naughteh version of Delicate Lilac) is half-off!

Kayla's Choice by Flounce & Faun

You did grab the Quest for Excalibur gift, right?  That hunt is ending on the 3rd – so don’t miss your chance to pick up your own Sangraal and also a pair of earrings.  (Yes, I know the earrings are more useful; still, you never know when you’ll need a grail.)  But never fear, there are two more hunts starting tomorrow – check out our gifts for the Beautiful Nightmare and Celebrating Gaia Hunts…

Excalibur Prizes by Silq'waggi

Tuscon by Silq'waggi

Agoniste by Silq'waggi

We’re catching up, so we’ll have another release this weekend…oh, and there’s also going to be a group gift of an exclusive color, but that’s a sekrit…shhh!

Silk & Satyr Newness 2-27-10 Saturday, Feb 27 2010 

Our new release this week is really Steamy!  Yes, it’s Steamy, our first ever Steampunk silk, complete with animated gear action.

Steamy by Silk & Satyr

We’re coming up on $L60 Weekend, and look at teh sexah numbah we have this week!  No, not me, silly…the dress.

Festiva Salsa by Flounce & Faun

This is the last weekend of the Welcoming the Tiger Hunt.  If you want these prizes, better grab them…here’s the chariot to all of the above.

Visionaries 2 Tiger Cat by Silk & Satyr Welcome Tiger by Silq'waggi

We’ve got a bunch of stuff out at the Car Wash Cart Sale.  Four of the items are exclusive to the sale, and only $L10 – get them while they’re available!

Madagascar by Silq'waggi Visionaries Stormy by Silk & Satyr

Carthage by Silq'waggi Metro by Silq'waggi

And finally, I noticed that my bunneh pedigree pictures get more hits on Flick’r than our ads.  So have a gratuitous picture of a kyoot rabbit.

Spock Stats for Pedigree

This week @ Silk & Satyr Sunday, Feb 14 2010 

This week, our gown shop, Flounce & Faun, is delighted to introduce…Delightful.  It’s a light, rustic gown, a day-dress from an earlier time, perfect for an afternoon tea or a stroll through the gardens…it’s a hand-painted work, and the set comes with matching necklace and earrings, too!  In five springtime colors…it’s in the gown shop – take a right from the tp point.

Delightful by Flounce & Faun

Delightful Rose by Flounce & Faun

Delightful Sky by Flounce & Faun

Our $L60 weekend offering is our Renaissance gown in gold.  Don’t miss this one – it’s designed so that skillful use of sculpts provide the slim line of a system skirt without the unsightly waistline gap (and no need for la jupe derriere, if you know what I mean) – and yet, it’s flexi!

Renaissance Gold by Silk & Satyr

And this weekend only, our Ardor gown set is half-price in celebration of Valentine’s Day.  You might remember that Ever won a best-dressed prize at a charity gala wearing this one…and for good reason…it’s sweet and sexeh all at once!

Ardor by Flounce & Faun

Well, that’s all for this week.  I’m off to the blissful chaos of my bunneh ranch.  You know, I wanted to open up a bunneh outlet and call it Bun’floppi, but Ever won’t let me.

Silk & Satyr Weekend Update Saturday, Feb 6 2010 

We’ve just released the Angel set at Flounce & Faun, our gown shop.  Angel comes with two skirt options, and like most Silk & Satyr productions, comes with jewelry designed especially for the outfit.  Thomas promises you, it’s not the “oh, they threw in a bangle [delete]” kind of jewelry.

Angel by Flounce & Faun

Angel by Flounce & Faun

Heavenly Angel by Flounce & Faun

Blushing Angel by Flounce & Faun

It’s time for $60LSunday Extended.  Here’s what you can pick up for your $L60 this weekend…

Phoenix Turquoise by Silq'waggi

And once again, we’ve got to retire a few things.  For one week only, these babies are having a last hurrah at $L25…then it’s buh-bye forever! You can find them in the Bargain Dungeon.

Incandescent Luxe Romance of the Rose


Here’s your chariot to Silk & Satyr Square!

This week @ Silk & Satyr Saturday, Jan 30 2010 

We’ve been going nuts over one-color boutique releases at our gown shop, Flounce & Faun.  Let’s start with this ballgown and lingerie set, Ardor, perfect for Valentine’s Day. The gown is the picture of romance and femininity, pink with heart embellishments and prim roses for the hair…but the matching lingerie is tres sexeh, with stockings, low cut panties and sheer top.  I don’t want to blow my own horn, but…well, actually, this is an ad. I’m supposed to blow my own horn.  OK, this gown has already won an award for best-dressed at the charity gala for the Michael J. Fox Foundation last night (and if you missed that, you missed one helluva parteh!)

Ardor by Flounce & Faun

We also have two less formal releases, perfect for the easy days of spring which hit our sim, oh, about January 2nd.  Romany Romance and Bohemian Rhapsody have that boho-gypsy flair, bright colors, beautiful patterns, graceful movement and, of course, matching jewelry.  You’ll find all these gowns in Flounce & Faun – take a right from the tp point at Silk & Satyr Square.

Romany Romance by Flounce & Faun

Bohemian Rhapsody by Flounce & Faun

And here’s something fun…in time for Mardi Gras, a masquerade set which includes hat, masque and ruff.  These are in the Silq’waggi store, directly across from the tp point.

Masque Harlequin by Silq'waggi

Masque Noir by Silq'waggi

I’ve got to sneak in a few announcements…you know that $60L Sunday is all weekend, now, right?  Here’s what you can buy at Silk & Satyr for only $L60!

Nocturne Forest Gown by Silk & Satyr

Also, the Urban Shopper Designer Tour is coming to a close.  Don’t miss your chance to win great prizes, including an $L1200 Silk & Satyr gift certificate!  And there are some great prizes for everyone in the hidden bags…

Silk & Satyr Visionaries Atlantis Silq'waggi Maris Emerald

And I’m going to mention this again, because it’s for a great cause.  We’ve done a special recolor of our Devotion gown for Haitian relief, and priced it at only $L200.  It’s right in front of Flounce & Faun…can’t miss it.

Devotion Caribe by Silk & Satyr

New from Silk & Satyr 1-17-10 Sunday, Jan 17 2010 

This week at Silk & Satyr…a new ballgown infused with the spirit of spring!  It’s Sweetness, silk printed with flowers and paired with the kind of exquisite necklace, bracelets and earrings that you have come to expect from Silk & Satyr.  And the underlayer is detailed with the same print, so that when you move, you move in a shower of flowers!  You’ll find them in Flounce & Faun, the gown shop – take a right from the tp point.

Sweetness Yellow by Flounce & Faun

Sweetness Plum by Flounce & Faun

Sweetness Indigo by Flounce & Faun

Sweetness Berry by Flounce & Faun

We had a horrible realization this weekend…we need prims!  So we’re retiring a few things, but first, a clearance sale to give you a last chance to snap them up at only $L25.  Here are a few things on massive sale…you’ll find them in the bargain dungeon.

Anima/Animus by Silk & Satyr

Isla  by Silk & Satyr

Lotus Eater by Silk & Satyr

Chrysalis Phosphor  by Silk & Satyr

Gawsh, these items bring me back to when we were first getting started…we were young and naive, and, um, didn’t understand antialiasing, apparently.  Moving right along, it’s $L60 Sunday!  This week, we’re offering this set of necklaces from Silq’waggi.

Sakura Platinum by Silq'waggi

Sakura by Silq'waggi

So come up and see us sometime!

Up to our eyeballs @ Silk & Satyr Sunday, Jan 10 2010 

This week, something completely different at Silk & Satyr…eyes!  And for a limited time, we have an introductory dollarbie, and we’ve also put one in the lucky chair.

Visionaries For Ever by Silk & Satyr

Visionaries Medley by Silk & Satyr

Here are just a few of the choices.  We have 30 varieties.  See them all on our Flickr site.  You’ll find the eyes in the Silq’waggi store, straight across from the tp point.

Visionaries Icy by Silk & Satyr

Visionaries Royalty by Silk & Satyr

Visionaries Dragon by Silk & Satyr

Visionaries Azurite by Silk & Satyr

Visionaries Cocoa by Silk & Satyr

Also, it’s $L60 Sunday.  This week, we’re offering our Jelly Saucy kirtle and camisk set for the low price of…aww, you can guess, can’t you?

Jelly Saucy by Silk & Satyr

Your chariot to Silk & Satyr awaits!

Silk & Satyr Newness 1-3-10 Sunday, Jan 3 2010 

Brrrr!  It’s cold here…and we’ve got the silks to match!  Flurry is perfect for those northern nights…decorated with snow crystals and sparkling gemstones.  There’s a naughty option with just the snowflakes if you don’t want to wear the halter top.  In five chilly colors…

Flurry by Silk & Satyr

Snow Flurry by Silk & Satyr Icy Flurry by Silk & Satyr

You might remember the Belle gown set…we decided to release the jewelry as separate pieces – and with color change gems.  There’s a necklace, half-veil and circlet…and as a New Year’s special, the earrings are out in a gift box, absolutely free!  You’ll find them in the Silq’waggi store, straight ahead from the tp point.

Belle Necklace by Silq'waggi

Belle Earrings by Silq'waggi

One last thing…don’t forget that today only, we have an item up for $L60 Sundays.  You can grab the whole list for this week right next to the item at Silk & Satyr Square.

Sedona Rubellite by Silk & Satyr

$L60 Sunday @ Silk & Satyr Sunday, Dec 27 2009 

This week, we’re offering a really great deal for the holiday…the Reminiscence gown in gold!  It’s a classy dress perfect for a New Year’s parteh…

Reminiscence Gold by Silk & Satyr

Reminiscence by Silk & Satyr

A steal at $L60 – today only!  And while you’re there, why not check out our Bargain Dungeon…we’re still having our Boxing Daze sale, with no item above $L50!

Your chariot awaits…

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