Jewelry Fair! Saturday, Oct 9 2010 

It’s been a long time since I posted here…but I’ve been a very busy Satyr.  Busy with what, you ask?  Well, for one thing, I’ve come out with a complete new line of Silq’waggi jewelry, released yesterday at Jewelry Fair!  There’s too much to include all in one post, so I’ll be posting a bit at a time over the next few days.  Let’s start with necklaces and necklace sets…

First we have Roses for Belle, a necklace inspired by the Jewelry Fair theme…it comes in six color choices.  Here’s a sample.

Roses for Belle Pink

Roses for Belle Red

Roses for Belle Black

I made this by special request for a friend who is a teacher. It’s in the Oxfam 50% split vendor…


A few other necklace sets…

Moondrops copy

Filigree and Shadow copy




Here’s the slurl to the Forest, where you’ll find the Silk & Satyr booth and many other fine jewelers!


Flickr Saturday, Oct 9 2010 

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Silk & Satyr Fashion Show Tuesday, Nov 10 2009 

Guess what?  It’s almost Silk & Satyr’s first anniversary!  And you don’t want to miss the big parteh, big releases, new store designs, humongous sale, gacha machine…all happening next weekend!  But on our actual anniversary, Wednesday, we’ll be sending out a great gift to our group, a special group-only color of Venice!  Wanna see?  Better make sure you join before midnight 11/11…just join any of our terminals, like this one at the mainstore…

Venice Cappuccino by Silk & Satyr

We haven’t released anything this week…holding back for the parteh…but we did participate in a wonderful fashion show at Divine Dina’s! Here are some highlights…

DD Show 2 - Ela - Vasilia

Elatine wears the Vasilia camisk in Midnight

DD Show 3 - Jeab

Jeab in Europa

DD Show - After Show - Scarlett

Scarlett in Nocturne

DD Show 1 - Kandi - Medici

Kandi in Medici

DD Show 11 - Ela - Lakshmi

Elatine in Lakshmi

DD Show - After Show - Bronwyn - Drenched

Bronwen in Drenched

DD Show - ThomasD

Thomas with friend Xtabi (who just coincidentally happens to be wearing Epanouir)

DD Show - After Show - Ela - Opulence

Ela in Opulence. Ooops, that’s next week’s release. You didn’t see that!

New from Silk & Satyr 10-27-09 Tuesday, Oct 27 2009 

Thomas is a bad satyr…he didn’t have time to blog last week’s release.  It’s a silk called Drenched…drenched in the colors of autumn, drenched in pearls and shining silks.  Let’s have a look…

Drenched by Silk & Satyr

Drenched in Wine by Silk & Satyr

Drenched in Foliage by Silk & Satyr

Drenched in Daybreak by Silk & Satyr

This week, we have a new gown for you.  Evening Star shimmers as it moves…two skirt styles compliment the laced top with the deep, sexeh back…it includes the earrings and choker, too! These items are available at our mainstore.

Evening Star by Silk & Satyr

Evening Star Sugarplum by Silk & Satyr

Evening Star Garnet by Silk & Satyr

Like it?  You can grab a limited edition copy for free from the Pumpkin Hunt at the Urban Shopper!

Evening Star Harvest by Silk & Satyr

Silk & Satyr Newness 11-4-09 Sunday, Oct 4 2009 

Just a quick entry to show you our new releases. For now, they’ll only be available at the Glamour Expo…

Shakti Indigo by Silk & Satyr

Shakti Olive by Silk & Satyr

Shakti Pink by Silk & Satyr

Talisman Emerald by Silk & Satyr

And don’t forget this exclusive special, profits to be split with CARE International…after the Expo, it’s gone!

Lakshmi Special by Silk & Satyr

Visit the Glamour Expo…

Silk & Satyr loves new things! Sunday, Mar 29 2009 

Like blogging – thank you iheartsl!  We have a brand new mainstore…and a lot of new items.  Here are a choice few:

One really new thing for us…ballgowns!  Here’s the first, and we expect to have another one out in a day  or so…

And, of course, silks…


Hello world! Saturday, Mar 28 2009 

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